Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Scarf for Who?

Yes, yes, I know that gramatically the title should read Whom instead of Who but the misspelling was intentional because this is what I'm knitting at the moment. 

No prizes for guessing what it is, or Who's scarf it's based on. It's going to be an extra pressie for DS2 who's a huge Doctor Who fan. I did a lot of online research to try and find an authentic pattern for Tom Baker's scarf and found several great sites including which is a hive of info on all things Doc Who scarf related. I'm basing mine on this pattern

I used a size 6 needle instead of a 4 to get a tension I was happy with, and the colours aren't 100% accurate as I'm using a cheap acrylic yarn and including odds and ends I already have. The yellow is a bit bright, not mustard as in the pattern, but I couldn't get just the right shade in the same yarn so I've made do. 

In fact, the colours don't show too well at all in the pictures. The largest sections are a camel colour (a sort of pale brown/beige), the part that looks dark grey is actually a greenish brown, and the blues are actually purple. I'll have to take some more pics another time in daylight. I'm not sure I'll knit the whole length which is between 12-15 ft plus 6 inch tassels on each end adding an extra foot. DS isn't as tall as Tom Baker so I might adjust it to around 10ft instead so its actually wearable. The first stitch of each row is slipped which gives it a nice neat edge and should hopefully prevent it from stretching too much.

I remember having a long stripy 'Doctor Who' type scarf that my mum knitted for me when I was at Dover Girls' Grammar School in th late 60s/early 70s. I also recall getting told off for wearing it because it wasn't a uniform scarf. I guess I had a tiny rebellious streak in me back then because I carried on wearing it although I made sure to tuck it well into my school mack so it didn't draw attention. Not such a rebel after all.

Dinner tonight was that leftover chilli made into a pasta bake and served with salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and cucumber. I've found that serving salad with meals means I eat less of the main course but I still feel full up, so that's my latest plan for sticking to my diet. We'll see next Tuesday whether it has any effect on my weight loss.

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