Monday, 25 November 2013

Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes Update

Just a quick post tonight and, as the title states, a litte update if you've been doing baked potatoes in your slow cooker. I did a batch tonight to serve with the leftover vege meatballs from yesterday. I did everything the same as previously, wrapping them in foil, slow cooking on high for around 4 hours, but they weren't all baked through. The smaller ones were done okay but the larger ones were firmer in the middle than I like and had to be finished off in the mircrowave in time for dinner. I wondered if it was because I'd used non-stick spray instead of oil on the skins but didn't see how that would make a difference as the oil is really just to stop them sticking to the foil. Finally, DD3's boyfriend suggested it might be the potatoes themselves. You know what, I think it was. The last sack we bought from the farm shop are a different strain of potato than the previous ones and I think they are probably more solid so require longer cooking. So, for anyone who's had trouble with their spuds not being baked through after 4 hours, maybe use smaller ones or give them an extra hour on high. I still love this method of baking spuds, I'll just make sure I cook this kind a bit longer in future.

The vege balls were just as yummy second time around, especially as I added a tin of chopped tomatos to the gravy and a few italian herbs to make a nice sauce, and served them with the baked spuds and some salad leaves.

I'm planning on us eating home made freezer meals this week, taking us up until the end of the month. I have a large chicken pie that will do 2 meals, some beef chilli, pea and ham soup and lentil soup. Five days worth of meals that will take us to the 30th November.

Tomorrow is weigh-in again, and I've been a bad girl this week eating cake and lots of bread, so a gain is probably on the cards. Today I've eaten healthily and with no birthdays or outings planned for the coming week I'm hoping to really stick to the plan and start losing again. It's time I stopped messing about taking off and regaining the same couple of lbs. I had hoped to get my 4st off my Xmas but don't think I'll do that now, but you never know.


  1. If you have been "naughty" why not have a day on soup only, some penance that would be. It should do the job as long as you don't add dairy products.

  2. Helen, your assumption about the potatoes is correct. DB was cooking his favourite Sausage Curry today where he also includes potatoes. Normally, the potato pieces would be cooked within 20 mins in the curry, but it all took around 40 mins today. We also noticed the difference in potatoes we had bought from Aldi last week.
    Just like you, I also have fallen by the weigh-side (get the pun?) with too much home baked bread and cake last weekend. I`m now back on track and hope to be more sensible with my eating regime again. I had made another start on losing some weight, so don`t want to spoil it all again. I`m still hoping to reach the 11 stone mark by next year`s holiday to Morocco. With 10 month to go I hope it will be achievable.

    1. An extra hour did the trick for the potatoes, so I'll just have to put them on to cook earlier next time. Your curry sounds yummy. I never thought to put sausages in a curry. Good luck with your weight loss. I actually lost 1lb this week, I think because the days I ate badly I didn't eat proper meals as well. Not good eating cake and biscuits for meals, but I suppose overall I didn't rack up too high a calorie intake. I'm going to try and keep off the naughty stuff this week and hopefully have an even better loss next weight in. I'm hoping to make my goal weight of 10st 6lbs by my birthday in June.