Sunday, 28 February 2016

Feeling My Age

Another 10,000 plus steps (over 4 miles) walked today bringing this week's total steps up to over 55,000 and around 23 miles walked. I'm not doing the 1000 miles in a year challenge as such but I'd probably be on target if I was. 

Mind you, all this walking has started to affect my dodgy hip and the little bit of arthritis in my back has been making itself felt over the past couple of days. I haven't needed to go to the chiropractor since before Xmas but I think I might book a session this week and get myself manipulated and massaged back into shape. It really does make a difference and is well worth £38 every 6 weeks or so to be practically pain free and mobile. The cost of getting older, I suppose.

Poor DS1 has started a week's holiday from work with a nasty cold and upset stomach. He's been in bed most of today with an awful stomach ache that was only eased once he was sick this evening. Hopefully he'll feel better in a day or so as he has a couple of outings planned with a friend.

DS2 and his band have been in the studio this weekend recording an EP of their own compositions. DH and myself and another parent have donated some funds towards the hiring of the studio, artwork for the cd and promotion etc. They also have another gig booked towards the end of next month and there's the next leg of the Battle of the Bands competition in April. 

I made a bean and nut roast for tonight's dinner intending to do a full roast, but with DS1 ill and DS2 out for the day, I decided to save it for tomorrow and DH and I treated ourselves to a late breakfast at Wetherspoons as our main meal. Apart from that I've just eaten fruit, cereal and crispbreads this afternoon and evening. 

Tomorrow is my light eating day before Tuesday's weigh-in, so it will mostly be fruit, yoghurt, homemade veg soup and crispbreads for me. I tend to have 3 days a week eating whatever I want, 3 days being a bit more careful and then a really light day before weigh in. So far, by hook or crook, this has resulted in my weight remaining exactly the same for the past month or so, just around my goal weight. Unfortunately though I do tend to overdo the rubbish food on the days I eat what I want. I need to work on eating more healthily all the time and just having occasional treats instead of binge-eating some days and trying to compensate for it on others. 

Right, I think that's enough of me rabbiting on. Hope you've all had a good weekend. Love Helen x


  1. Well done on all the walking. I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day x

  2. Hope the weigh in was successful. I think you are managing to stay at target brilliantly X if I ever get there again, I'm going to adopt your ways X