Thursday, 5 January 2017

Slow Cooker Rice Pud

I got a little carried away making use of the extra space in my new slow cooker. The result...rather a lot of rice pud. 

Thankfully it's absolutely delicious so I'm sure DH and I won't have any trouble polishing it off. 

I adapted a recipe I found on the web so amounts are a bit approximate but it went something like this:-

8 oz Pudding (Short Grain) Rice

100g Caster Sugar

50g Butter plus a little extra for greasing

Large Can of Evaporated Milk

Milk (any kind) enough to make the Evap up to a total of 4 pints (I used a mixture of semi-skimmed and dried skimmed mixed with water).

Tsp of Vanilla Essence or can be flavoured with nutmeg, mixed spice etc. 

Fistful of sultanas or raisins if liked.

Grease the slow cooker bowl, add all the ingredients, give them a quick stir and then cook on high for approx 5-6 hours, stir a couple of times. 

I switched the cooker off and then left the pudding to thicken in the still-warm bowl for another hour before spooning it into containers.

It turned out lovely and creamy.

This amount is for a 6.5 litre Slow Cooker; halve the ingredients for a 3.5 litre cooker but use the same amount of Evap milk to make it extra creamy.

Dinner tonight was a Thai Green Curry using fridge and store cupboard ingredients. The only item I had to buy especially was a tin of Coconut Milk from Aldi. I managed to use up some peppers that had been sitting in the crisper drawer since before Xmas, a couple of carrots, an onion and some cooked green beans leftover from Xmas dinner that I'd frozen. We had it with some fragrant Thai rice, a packet I'd been eyeing in the cupboard and looking for the right recipe to serve it with. 

My last visitor left today, DS2's fiance on her way back to Virginia. He'll soon be home from seeing her off at Heathrow, rather down I expect but hopefully determined to save and do all he can to get his visa so they can get married. 

DS1 has submitted his application for the Personal Independence Allowance (PIP), so we'll see how that goes. It's not an easy benefit to get so we're expecting he'll be turned down and will have to appeal. Hopefully if that happens he'll have had his full 'needs' assessment by the Kent Autistic Spectrum Conditions Team by then and we'll have more evidence to argue his case.

I have my dental check up tomorrow; unfortunately I feel like I'm getting a cold so I hope I can make it or they charge double the fee for missed appointments.

Trying to resist having another tub of rice pud. I don't usually eat this late in the evening delicious. No, I'll be strong, I'll wait and have some with fruit for breakfast instead!

Enjoy the remainder of your evening. Love, Helen xx


  1. thats looks lovely, i actually picked a bag of pudding rice up in tesco today but it seemed so expensive for a small bag, loved it when my mum would make this in the oven, all us kids (8) used to fight over who got the skin on the top lol xx sammie

    1. Pudding rice does seem quite expensive for what it is, but a little goes a long way. This pud got a skin on it when it cooled and I actually prefer cold rice pud so today it's even more delicious. Wow, 8 of you. I was one of 4 and recall us all wanting the skin off the custard. I'm lucky now, my kids don't like custard and DH won't eat the skin so I get it all to myself.

  2. I am a big fan of rice pudding, the only one of the milk pudding family that I like, but hardly ever seem to make it. I will have to put the rice on my shopping list.

    1. Love rice pud and it's even nicer when cold with a nice skin on top. We're getting through the lot I made (I'd like to say 'slowly' but it's disappearing rapidly!). I also like semolina and love canned Ambrosia creamed macaroni. I haven't made semolina in years but just remembered I have a bag in the cupboard (for adding to shortbread) so I may have to make some of that too. Enjoy your rice pud if you make some. Love, Helen xx