Monday, 29 June 2015

Birthday Cake Extermination

It was DS1's birthday today. I was up at 6.30 making his cake before doing 3 loads of laundry and hanging it out on the line. It's been a lovely hot, sunny day so it was all bone dry when I bought it in about 5pm. 

With the cake baked and cooling, I nipped round to Aldi for a couple of bits and then to the post office, before going into town with DS1, DS2 and DD2 to have birthday drinks (tea for me and DD and and J2Os for the boys) and the boys also had a slice of cake each. 

Back home the cake was iced and decorated using chocolate buttons and some of the daleks that I'd used on the cupcakes. The cake was a choc chip marble traybake recipe from an old Mary Berry book that I adapted to make a ring cake, the middle of the cake filled with milk and white chocolate buttons. I didn't have a cake frill so made one using folded tin foil.

I buy my choc buttons from Aldi at 33p for a 70g packet. It's delicious chocolate and a fraction of the price of Cadbury's.

Dinner tonight at the birthday boy's request was burgers, chips and salad...and very nice too.And then we cut into the cake and here you can see the end result after we'd all had a big certainly looks like the daleks exterminated part of it. 

I also sorted through the lovely bouquet DH bought me for my birthday. Most of the flowers were past saving but I did manage to make up this little bunch from those that weren't falling apart. 
The jug looks like it was made to hold my pretty pink roses and peonies. It was my grandmother's, part of a graduated set of 3. They are all chipped like crazy and one has the handle off, but then they are nearly 100 years old, and they still look lovely with a few flowers in.

Tomorrow is my slimming club and I'm quite prepared for a gain this week with all the cake and stuff I've eaten. It was totally worth it though.


  1. Replies
    1. They were so pretty I'm glad I've managed to save a few to last for a bit longer.

  2. Beautiful cake and such a darling little jug. I'm sure it won't be too catastrophic tomorrow x

    1. The recipe is a family favourite but I usually do it as a tray bake and then top it with drizzled melted chocolate, but it works well as a ring cake too. I'm hoping the gain won't be too terrible but even if it is I deserve it and it was worth it. I'll try and eat more healthily this week now that all the birthdays are over.