Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Father's Day...and Happy Birthday To Me!

We're having the quiet, relaxed weekend we wanted, and have received some lovely pressies from the kids. 

We came downstairs this morning to find our youngest son had put up decorations and printed off amusing posters for us.

We had cards and pressies sent from our oldest daughter in Basingstoke. Love my bag and DH got money.

We met up with DD2 and her new husband and DS2 for coffee, and were given more pressies (Amazon vouchers and a Dorothy Perkins voucher for me) and now we're chilling out watching TV before our pizza and chips dinner, followed by raspberry and chocolate slice (bought, not made...I wasn't going to cook today).

It's been a lovely laid back weekend with thanks to all my lovely kids for our cards and pressies. 

And a very Happy Fathers' Day to all dads out there.


  1. I love the 'Happy Birthday to the family member I am least ashamed to be related to' - that is very good. What a lovely day you had.

  2. I liked that one too. And yes, we had a lovely day. Thank you.

  3. Is that a Kath Kidson bag? It's very pretty. I'm glad you had a wonderful day x

    1. Not genuine Cath Kidston, Rachel, from Ebay I think, but I don't mind. It looks the part and I think the real items are an horrendous price. I have another bag that's also a Kidston look-alike that I only paid £6.99 for from Ebay. It doesn't pretend to be the genuine article with a bright pink, satin interior, but it does the job for me. We did have a lovely day. Thank you.