Saturday, 20 June 2015

Early Birthday Surprise

As well as being Father's Day tomorrow it's also my 58th birthday. Neither DH or I are really going to celebrate. Since the hen night in mid-May one or both of us has had an event on every single weekend, so instead it's very much our usual Sunday routine with pressies and cards thrown in to the, then out for coffee and then back home for a lazy afternoon and evening. DS1 and DD3 are both working, DD1 lives in Basingstoke now but has already sent cards and pressies to be opened on the day, DD2 will probably pop round for an hour and tell us all about the honeymoon, and DS2 might meet us for that coffee in town. Dinner will be frozen pizza, spicy potato wedges and maybe cake or or an ice cream dessert. A decidely low key event, but just what we both want after such a hectic month.

We might not be celebrating, but DH surprised me on Friday by turning up at the front door after work with a huge bouquet of pink roses. Totally unexpected and such a lovely gesture. He can still be such a soppy sod at times. He gave them to me on Friday as he had arranged to have them made up by the floristry department at the college where he works, and he somehow got them home on the bus without them getting squashed. I think the floristry students did an amazing job; they are so pretty.

I'm sure we'll have a belated birthday/Father's Day celebratory lunch out at some time in the future but for now we're happy to kick back and not have to be anywhere at any specific time for once.

So, an early Happy Father's Day to all dads out there.