Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Just popping in amidst the craziness that is my daughter's final wedding preparations to post a few pics from the hen night last Saturday. 

Fun and games (and drinks and nibbles) at her place first before taking a minibus to Canterbury and the nightclub where we had a specially reserved area. 

I did indulge in a few drinks (wine, awful champagne laid on by the club...but it was free so, of course, had to be drunk...and a couple of Jack Daniels and coke might have slipped down my throat as the evening progressed), but I didn't overdo it and I was fine the next day. I also managed to stay up long after my usual bedtime and didn't get to sleep until nearly 2am.

I did pay for the night with a 2lb weight gain at my slimming club, but I'm working on losing that before the wedding which is now only 10 days away.

So here are the pics of Supermum and her awesome daughters.

Supermum, flexing some muscle

Supermum and Batgirl (aka Bride-to-Be, aka DD2)
Supermum and The (Sexy) Riddler (aka DD3)
Supermum, Sexy Riddler and Batgirl (demonstrating that her superpower is eating a whole cake in one bite). 
 Incredible cake made and decorated by her future mother-in-law.

I have DS2's university final year perfomance to attend tomorrow afternoon, and then Friday I'll be making and freezing the wedding cupcakes (including 'everything-free' ones for the vegans and the gluten-intolerant guests, who also can't tolerate rice which is generally in gluten-free flour). The groom's mum is doing the decoration, thank goodness, so I just have to make the actual cakes. And I have everything printed out ready to make their wedding card and just have to buy some mauve ribbon as DD3 used all mine for the wedding decorations.

DH now has a new suit but at the weekend we need to get him a shirt, tie and shoes. Thankfully I now have my entire outfit...just have to make sure I can still fit into it without too many visible bulges on show!

That's all for now folks. If I don't manage to write again before the big day the next post will be all wedding pics. 

Hope you are all well. Love and hugs, Helen xx


  1. Aww exciting times x you certainly sound like you're going to be busy! I would like pictures of everything that happens on the day please! X

    1. Thanks, Bridget. There is a plan of sorts for the end of next week, but I'm not quite sure how it will all play out when the time arrives. There are plenty of helpers though so all should get done before the big day. Photos will defintely be posted. Love Helen xx

  2. You certainly look Super Fit Helen, you are positively glowing. I hope that the day goes well for you all.

    1. Thanks for the compliment,'s amazing what a glass of wine can do for the complexion, LOL!!! I keep wanting to singing 'The Final Countdown' as the day is so close now but not quite here yet. I'm sure next week will be organised chaos, but all will get done in the end and anything that doesn't will hopefully not be too important. Love, Helen xx