Thursday, 7 May 2015

Junk Food Night

A foody blog today. 

Once a week we have a junk food type dinner. It's not always all that junky, sometimes its quite healthy such as homemade soup with homemade bread sandwiches and salad. 

Tonight it's a less healthy meal of burgers and chips with salad leaves and cherry tomatoes, and homemade lemon cake and custard. I bought the burgers and buns from Farm Foods at £2.95 for 6 mega beef burgers and £1.25 for 12 seeded burger buns. I'll only use half the bag of buns as DS 1&2 will have 2 burgers each and DH and I will have one. The picture below shows the burgers already grilled so I just have to reheat them later.

The boys and I will also have an Aldi Mature Cheese Slice on our burgers; 10 slices are £1.49 and we'll use 5. 

DH will have some fried onions on his (1/4 pack of FarmFoods frozen sliced onions at 69p, although it says £1 on the bag). 

 The chips are Aldi's crinkle cut at 89p for 1.5kg and we'll have two-thirds of a bag. 

The salad was bought yellow stickered for 75p and half a pack of Aldi cherry tomatoes is about 40p. 

The cake and custard ingredients came to about £1.50 and will make at least 8 portions. 
Allowing for extras like ketchup and salad cream, the total cost of the main meal is around £6 (average £1.50 a person) and 4 portions of the dessert comes to 75p (around 19p a person). So for around £1.70 each we'll have main meal and dessert...a lot cheaper than if we ate the same meal at a restaurant, pub or McDonalds or had a take away. Of course the cost is even less if you don't have 2 piggy 20-something sons who eat 2 burgers each. 

It's been lovely weather here today, but I haven't ventured very far from home, just to Aldi in one direction (DS2 and I popped in and voted on our way there), then back home to unload the shopping before going to Farm Foods and Morrisons in the other direction. I'm now having a lazy afternoon catching up on programmes recorded on our Tivo box.  

Talking of TV, did anyone catch the first episode of Home Fires on Sunday evening? I have the book Jambusters that inspired the series. I absolutely love anything WW2 homefront related and have a huge collection of knitting patterns, cookbooks and women's magazines from the era, plus loads of dvds and books such as Coal House at War, 1940s House and Nella Last's War. I particularly enjoy women's diaries of the period and love Nella Last's as she's an ordinary woman and also we lived in Barrow-in- Furness for over two years when my oldest girls were little. I did enjoy the programme and hope it continues being as good.

That's all for now, back to vegging out and watching too much TV. Love to you all, Helen xx


  1. What do you mean, less than healthy Helen. By my reckoning you will be having 4 different salad leaves, onions, tomatoes and lemon, that is 7 a day in my book. Enjoy, I am having burgers tonight, Sweet Potato and Butterbean enhanced with some wild garlic on a bed of salad leaves and some spiced up couscous. Lush.

    1. But that's only for those who eat the salad, Pam. DH and DS2 only had burger and chips (although DH did have his fried onions). The cake was delicious, really lemony and it used up 2 lemons I'd had for a couple of weeks. Your dinner sounds lovely too, we've eaten a lot of vegetarian meals this week so tonight was a real meat feast.

  2. Cake looks gorgeous! Hoping to get round to watching Home Fires on catch-up tv. Started to watch Safe House weeks ago and still not got past the first episode of that - finding that the tv is hardly on here these days!

    1. I have the TV on far too much, but then its generally just background noise while I'm doing something else. Its not often I really sit down and watch a programme right through from beginning to end.