Thursday, 4 September 2014

Using Up Everything and More Syringe Bags

I have actually stuck to my menu plan so far this week, mostly making meals using up the leftovers from Sunday's roast. 

Today's dinner was the last of the chicken meat made into a casserole with dumplings. I added carrots (39p last week from Aldi), leftover peas and sweetcorn (served with last night's dinner of homemade tuna fishcakes and chips), baby potatoes (also Aldi 69p), a casserole mix (Approved Foods 5 for £1) and onions (Morrisons, 3 bags for £2). 

Not wanting to waste a scrap, I incorporated a small amount of stuffing into the dumplings that had been in the cavity of the chicken. The meal was delicious and I am so pleased to have made the most of a small chicken and some stuffing to create a total of 4 dinners for 4 people. 

I have had quite a busy day today doing lots of little things around the house, following on from Sunday when I defrosted the freezer and itemised the contents, and yesterday when I sorted and cleaned out my kitchen food cupboards and my stash cupboard in the sideboard in the sitting room. Now, I know I'm not that fussed about sell-by dates, but would I really feel happy using cake decorations and treacle dated 2007? How I missed turfing them out before now I have no idea. Anyway, my cupboards are now free of potential food poisoning and so much cleaner and tidier that I can actually find any ingredient I need without having to take out a dozen other things first. 

Most of the morning was spent doing a favour for DD2 and fiance by waiting in their house for a delivery while they were both at work. But before I went round there I did a load of laundry and hung it on the line. While I was there I did their sink full of washing up and generally tidied the kitchen so they wouldn't have to do it when they got in. I did tell DD2 I'd done it, and apologised if she was annoyed because I remember getting quite upset as a young wife when my mother-in-law would interfere with my housekeeping. Luckily DD was pleased that I'd helped out although she told me jokingly that I was naughty for doing it as I was already doing her a  favour by waiting in for the delivery.

When I left DD2's I picked a few blackberries from the bushes along her road and then went home to soak them and leave my laptop behind before nipping to Aldi for a few bits and pieces. After Aldi, I came home, cleaned out the cats' litter trays, rinsed the blackberries and picked them over for maggots (only one little blighter) and then froze them, and then I vacummed throughout the downstairs before lunch. 

This afternoon I cleaned out and disinfected the outside food recycling bin after today's collection, before finishing off another 4 syringe bags. That's 5 I've made so far. I also have the straps sewn up ready to add to 5 more bags that I hope to cut out tomorrow and have completed by the end of next week ready to send off to the hospice. 

This evening I heated up the casserole I'd made yesterday in the slowcooker, and made the stuffing dumplings. 

I sometimes need to make a note of all the things I do throughout the day. I'm not much good with the actual housework side of things and our old house is decidely shabby without the chic, so it helps me realise I do actually make a useful contribution to the household since I don't go out to work and DH is the sole breadwinner. Of course, I also handle all the finances, making sure all the bills are paid, budgeting and making ends meet etc. so DH doesn't have to bother about that side of things.

So now I'm sitting on the sofa watching a re-run of Hustle and typing this at the same time, thoroughly worn out but with a sense of accomplishment, and a list of things ready to do tomorrow.


  1. The casserole sounds and looks good, great idea to add the stuffing to the dumplings. I picked up a small chicken half price this morning, I plan on making it last all next week and freezing some stock once i have boiled the bones up. I am starting to miss my big freezer, I may have to buy another small one so as not to waste anything.

    1. The stuffing dumplings tasted lovely although they looked a little bit greyish in colour. I wouldn't be without my freezer. I love being able to save odds and ends of meals or to cook extra for days when I'm too busy (or lazy) to make anything new for dinner.

  2. Just catching up with some blog reading. Looks like you've been a bit hectic!
    The boys are out picking blackberries as I type.

    1. I carry a small plastic tub around with me this time of year and every time I see a bush with a few berries on them out it comes. I haven't picked nearly as many as last year, but every time I visit DD2 I make a stop at the berry bushes along her road.