Saturday, 13 September 2014

Feeling Better

Thanks to everyone who left me get well messages. Today I am feeling so much better, although still tiring easily. 

I can't believe it's taken best part of a week to recover from what is essentially a headache. Maybe I should take up meditation as suggested in today's papers as a way to manage migraine. I'm not sure I have the patience to sit and meditate (or the concentration; my mind wanders much too easily) but if I got migraines more frequently then I'm sure I would give it a go, clutching at anything to help with what can be an extremely debilitationg affliction that can really adversely affect your life. 

I have never been able to pin my migraines down to a cause such as a particular food, but I do think they are stress related as I generally get them when I've either been run off my feet or had a lot going on with the family etc. This time around I have been doing a lot of clearing out cupboards and such like around the house, and also we worry over DH's mum with her having had a second fall (not serious, just losing her balance), she's also caught bronchitis, and is feeling very low all round while still recovering from her broken wrist. It's so difficult for DH being an only child and living on the other side of the country. It's not as if he can simply up and visit every week, especially with having just started his new job. The council have still not sorted out her finances either and keep asking for more documentation which is difficult to get hold of as she can't sign anything properly with a broken wrist. At this rate, she'll run completely out of money before they get it all sorted. DH is doing his best to talk to them and explain but they aren't very helpful.

I sometimes also get a migraine once a period of stress is over, as if my body says 'now that's done with we're going to completely shut down for a few days'. So, just caused by life in general, and nothing I can really do to prevent them. It's not as if I can cocoon myself in cottonwool and, really, my life is a lot less stressful than most people. Whatever causes them, I'm just happy I don't get them as frequently as some people.

Today was my first day out for a proper walk, although I did nip along the road to Aldi yesterday. DH and I went into town to meet up with DD2 for coffee, and then we went to SpecSavers to help me choose new frames. Since my sight is so blurry without my specs I can't actually see very well whether a design suits me or not. Anyway, my bank balance is £129 lighter (£69 frames and £109 varifocal lenses, minus a £49 discount) and I can pick my new glasses up next week. I'll be glad to have them as I've found myself squinting and constantly adjusting my current ones lately when doing needlework. Which, I suppose, might have contributed to the migraine.

Back home just after 1pm, and DD3 and BF were here for a short visit. Sad news is that BF's grandmother (the one with the house in France) has probably got ovarian cancer. She's a lovely lady, only 70, full of life, so I'm hoping above hope that they've caught it in time. DH's mum had a hysterectomy in her 70s and recovered fine and is now 93 so fingers and everything else crossed for Sonia.

Doctor Who to watch tonight (still not sure about the new doctor). Dinner tonight is Irish pork sausages (99p for 8 Aldi), onion gravy (onions 3 packs for £2 Morrisons), small boiled potatoes (750g for 55p Aldi) and savoy cabbage (39p for a big one that will do 2 meals, Aldi's special deal).

I think that's all for now. Have a good evening everyone.

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