Tuesday, 30 September 2014

MacMillan Coffee Morning And Cat In A Box

Considering it was being held by members of my Slimming World club who technically should have been avoiding the goodies on offer, there was an abundance of cake brought in for today's MacMillan charity coffee morning. Just goes to show that, like me, many of the members love to bake and also eat the things they make which is why we all need to attend the club. 

I made lemon and poppy seed muffins and white chocolate and blackberry muffins. There were a few of the lemon ones remaining, but someone liked the blackberry ones so much they bulk bought some to take home. These are the few I hung onto for DH and my boys to eat.

£2 was charged for a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake. I was very good and just had one piece of Gypsy Tart which I counted as breakfast since I hadn't eaten before I left home. I love Gypsy Tart but would never make it myself as I'm the only one at home who likes it and I'd end up eating the whole thing myself. 

Everyone who attended the coffee morning was extremely generous both in making the cakes, bringing prizes for the raffle and in dipping into their pockets on the day. There were loads of raffle prizes and together with the money from the collection box and from the sale of drinks and cake the event raised £275. As we'd recently had a member die at the age of 50 from cancer and another who is just recovering from surgery for breast cancer it proved a great way to help a good cause.

Of course, I weighed in before I ate my cake, and I'd lost 2.5lb this week. As I gained 3.5 last week (on my first weigh-in since getting to goal) I was glad to get back to just below my target weight despite having one day mid-week when I ate everything in sight.

To finish this post here is a pic of the baby Oleg Meerkat toy I received for buying home insurance through that price comparison site (and also saving myself over £100 on the amount MoreThan wanted this year).

Here is a picture of the box Oleg was delivered in-

And here is a picture of the box's new inhabitant -

Shadow loves boxes and was trying to climb into it as I was getting Oleg out. He even managed to curl up small enough to have a sleep in it.

I've had a lovely day all round, the only blot on the landscape is DH has another cold and it looks like it's gone to his chest again. Luckily he saw the doctor yesterday and has been prescribed antibiotics, but he's needed the past two days off work. I am gettting worried that he appears to be taking after his mum who has a notoriously weak chest. Obviously, working in a school doesn't bode well for his ability to avoid coughs and colds over the winter months. One good thing to come from the doctor's visit is he's been offered a free flu jab because of his propensity to get bronchitis. Fingers crossed that helps keep him free of the very worst of the bugs.

I hope everyone else has had a good day and is keeping healthy as the weather grows colder.


  1. Well done on raising so much money x hope DH feels better soon xx

  2. A very good total - well done indeed xx