Monday, 30 June 2014

Just Checking In...

Hi, everyone, just checking in to let you all know I'm still around.

Sorry for my absence these past couple of weeks. June is always a busy month for us with 4 birthdays (including mine on the 21st) and Father's Day, but this year it seems to have been particularly manic with something popping up every other day. In between all the madness I had a week of feeling extremely depressed and not being able to pick myself up. It meant I didn't have the energy or incentive to do much of wading through thick fog that clung to me and dragged me down. I'm still a bit bleugh on that front but better than I was. I actually made 2 birthday cards and a Doctor Who cushion cover for DD1's birthday last week; a great improvement on the previous week when I couldn't do much more than sit on the sofa with a bit of crocheting. 

Talking of crochet, I'm hoping to have the blanket I've been working on finished to show you all soon. I'm really pleased with it as my very first crochet project and it will be put by for my mother-in-law's Xmas eve birthday.

Anyway, the month ends on a very positive note with DS2 getting his results for his HND course. Out of 8 modules he gained 2 passes, 4 merits and 2 distinctions giving him an overall merit profile. He needed merits to progress to the third year to gain a degree qualification so he's done that with knobs on. Now he just has to decide whether to go to a different college to continue with a degree in musical performance or to stay at the same one and concentrate on the technical side eg. recording etc. He got a special 'well done' dinner tonight of shop bought burgers and chips followed by choc button ice cream cones...junk food, but he loved it.

I'm hoping for a less hectic July, but with a bag making workshop and DS2 playing a gig this Friday, dinner with my sisters later in the month, and our wedding anniversary and holiday on 26th that's already a portion of the calender filled. Really looking forward to that holiday, though; I need a change of scenery and DH needs a break from work.

Right, it's getting late and I'm exhausted because I've not been sleeping well (either the depression gives me insomnia or the insomnia causes the depression...vicious circle!).

Take care everyone and see you in July.

Love and hugs, Helen x


  1. Hang on in there Helen, the black dog sits on my shoulders sometimes and it is horrible but it does go. Let,s hope that July is a good month.

    1. Thank you, Pam. It has lifted some and I'm generally feeling more positive now but it doesn't take much to upset me at the moment. Even little every day problems that I'd usually take in my stride somehow seem insurmountable when I'm in a slump like this. I'm with you in hoping for a better July.

  2. Sorry to hear about your depressive modes. You need a pampering session, Helen! Let hubby take you to a Spa or have a nice massage, a day out to a garden party or tea for two occasion. Treat yourself! Hope you feel much better, soon.

    1. Thank you, Sarina. I'm feeling better than I was. I'm treating myself to a bag making workshop on Friday and, weather permitting, we're going to Walmer Castle on Saturday and then for a nice long walk to a village pub.