Sunday, 15 June 2014

A Sea of Pink

I've had a perfect weekend. 

Yesterday my daughter drove up for the day from Winchester, Hampshire and we celebrated her 30th birthday (which is today) with a family lunch at the Jackdaw Inn in the pretty village of Denton between Canterbury and Folkestone. This is the place where DD2 and her fiance will marry next May and we managed to take some lovely photos in the garden where they will hold the ceremony. It was the first time in a couple of years that we've all been together and we had a fantastic time.

 The birthday girl and her younger brothers

My wonderful kids

Kids, partners and dad

Birthday girl with mum and dad

 Dad and mum

My family

Today I did the Race for Life at Folkestone for the very first time. DD2 and I walked the course (5km or 3.1 miles) in approx 53 minutes. DD3 ran the distance in 21 minutes and came 6th out of approximately 3000 entrants. It really did look like a sea of pink on the Leas at Folkestone. But, of course, the main reason for doing the race was to raise money for cancer charities and it was announced that over £135,000 was raised just from this one race. As there are similar races held throughout the country I'm looking forward to finding out what this year's overall total will be.

 Me, DD2 and DD3 before the race

DD3 working out before the race (her Honey Boo boo impression!)

A medal for everyone

After the race we all went to Starbucks for coffee, including DH and DS1 who had come with us for support. The kids treated DH to coffee and a cookie for Father's Day, as well as giving him gifts of dvds and Amazon vouchers. I cheated and bought fresh pizzas (2 for £4) from Morrisons for dinner served with spicy wedges (Aldi 59p) and a selection of salad veg. Dessert was vanilla ice cream, crushed Flakes (leftover from DD1's birthday cake), and squirty cream from a can. 

I have had an absolutely wonderful weekend, one of those magical islands of time that we all shared together and something to always remember as my children are now leaving home, scattering and building their own homes and families. 

I hope your weekends were as amazing as mine was. Love, Helen x


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sarina, it was a magical weekend.

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time. Wonderful photos xx

    1. It really was a wonderful weekend.

  3. Well done on the walk, you look as though you have had a grand time.

    1. Thank you, Pam. The walk was great fun and the whole weekend was wonderful.

  4. It was lovely to see pics of your family and put faces to names. Family time is so special especially as they get older and do their own thing x