Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Baked Bacon, Cheese and Onion Dumplings And My Latest Make

When I got my new phone a few months back I quickly knitted a 'sock' for it, but I've seen several patterns in magazines for stitched cases and wanted to give one a go. I tried one design earlier this week that didn't work out, so I found another one and this one was more successful. 

This is what I made this morning. 

It took about 2.5 hours from start to finish (including ironing and backing the fabric, cutting out etc.) I'm quite pleased with it and now I've made one and know the pitfalls I could make the next one more quickly. I spent about half an hour neatly sewing the velcro on by hand, but I've seen online that it can be done by machine so I'll give that a go next time. I'd also use a flat button as this shanked one made pinning and sewing the fabric together rather difficult. The case took only oddments of fabric so I'm thinking of making a few and trying to sell them. 

Dinner tonight was something I made up myself (out of my head, as my nan would say). DS2 had requested bacon roly poly but I only had a tiny bit of bacon so I combined it with some chunks of strong cheddar and some chopped spring onions that were going wrinkly. I made some suet pastry with dried sage added, divided it into 4 pieces, rolled each one out into a small circle, put the bacon/cheese/onion filling in the middle of each, gathered the edges up and rolled them into dumplings that I then baked in the middle of the oven, with oven chips on the top shelf, and served with baked beans. 

They were delicious and very, very filling and I think I'd make them slightly smaller next time.

We've had lovely weather here today and I took a little trip into town and around the charity shops searching for something pink to wear for the race on Sunday as I do not usually wear pink. I managed to get a nice pale pink M&S blouse for £3.99 in the British Heart Foundation shop that I will actually wear after the event, so I'm all set.

Hope you all had a good days. Love, Helen x

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  1. I think I will have a go at making the dumplings in your recipe as they sound tasty - I use vegetable suet.

    Love your phone case but I couldn't use one as I have enough trouble getting to my phone in my bag at the best of times!