Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lunch and Hexies

Not much to report today.

My headache is mostly gone, just a little twinge every now and then.

No pics of dinner as DH and I are here alone today so we treated ourselves to lunch out at our local Weatherspoon’s using the last of the vouchers we were given as a present last Christmas (we’ve spread them out for treats over the year). For £6.09 for the basic meal, including a drink, we both had the Sunday roast, although we paid £1 extra for DH to have the large one. I had half a chicken and DH the sliced pork, served with Yorkshire pudding, roast spuds, broccoli, peas and gravy, and we had diet Pepsi to drink. DH got another Yorkshire and extra potatoes. There was plenty of it and it was very nice. We didn’t pay the extra £2.20 each for dessert, instead we dropped into MacDonald’s on the way home and had a Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry each at £1.29, saving £1.82 on pudding. The total cost of the meal plus dessert was £15.76 minus our £5 voucher, so £10.76 for 2 roast dinners, drinks and dessert. Not bad, and a nice treat when we’ve been feeling a bit low lately and the weather is so horrible.

We used to eat out or go for coffee quite often a couple of years ago, but that’s one of the things we’ve cut back on severely, so it’s a real treat now when we do go.

The only pics I have today are of my growing Hexie patchwork. 

It’s all hand sewn and I’ve been working on it for a few months doing a bit here and there whenever the fancy takes me. All the main hexies are prepared, now it’s just adding the plain fill-in hexies and joining it all together. 

I’m not quite sure how I’ll finish it off yet but I’ll decide that when the main part is completed. Apart from a table runner I made at a patchworking class using a precut fabric Jellyroll, I’ve never made a quilt before so this will be another first for me. 

I hope the expected storm doesn’t hit too hard in your region of the UK. For us the highest winds are predicted after midnight until about 9am Monday, but it doesn’t look as if it will be quite as bad as first expected. Luckily DH is off for half term next week and DS1 has a week’s holiday so they won’t have to negotiate fallen trees etc. tomorrow, although DD3 and her boyfriend are both working. So, fingers crossed for a calmer than expected night for everyone.


  1. Hi Helen.
    That quilt work looks great. Must take ages to do all this by hand.
    Thanks for leaving such an encouraging message on my blog, by the way.
    I`ve read all your other blog entries and find this blog very good read. So, now I`ve joined as a member. You shall see me popping in more often from now on.
    The storm has passed without too much damage here in Sussex. Hope the same goes for your neck of the woods.

  2. Hi Helen

    Firstly, I'm glad the headache has gone and hope you and your loved ones are safe after the storm.

    So pleased you have been out for a treat. That sounds like wonderful value. I bought my parents Toby Carvery vouchers as they love it there and with a 'deal voucher' can make their present stretch out to 2 meals.

    What are you making with your hexis? I made a cushion cover using the same hand sewn method when I was at school many years ago.

    Sft x

    1. It was nice to have a meal out for a change. We're planning on having another one for DH's birthday on 9th Dec, and will likely opt for the Xmas meal. With the hexies I'm hoping to make a small quilt to put over the back of the sofa that can also be used as a lap quilt during the cold weather. I think it will probably be ready for next winter now as its slow going.