Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cheap and Cheerful Vegetable Curry

A slightly shorter post today because I’ve had a headache all day that won’t shift. It’s not really bad, just making me feel a bit under the weather (and considering the weather report for this area is hurricane winds expected tomorrow night, being under it isn’t a good thing).

I did get into town this morning; DD2 treated DH and I to coffee in a local cafĂ© and we had a good chat. I’ve actually managed a No Spend Day and have also fed over £6 from my purse into my sealed pot. I’ll need to spend on petrol and milk tomorrow, unfortunately.

Anyway, dinner tonight is courtesy of the slow cooker again. A vegetable curry. This is my favourite veg curry recipe from a Vegan cookbook I’ve had for ages as you can see by the state of the pages (click on the picture to view larger copy). I just throw everything in the slow cooker instead of cooking it on the stove.

It can be a bit fiddly preparing all the veg from scratch although I rather enjoy chopping veg, but this time it was all pre-prepared from my freezer. I can’t give definite costs because it was made from bits and pieces I already had and some, like the spices, sultanas and pickles, I can’t remember what I paid for them. Most of the veg was from a stew pack I got yellow-labelled at 19p from Morrison’s, I bought about 6 and froze most of them. I added half a swede that I also got reduced along with several others for 50p each and chopped up and froze (so 25p for the half), plus a potato from the sack. The cooking apple was a freebie from a friend’s garden.

Total cost can’t have been more than £2 for the whole lot, including the garlic and coriander couscous it was served with that I think was £1 for 4 packs from AF (I used 2 packs). So the meal was only about 50p per portion. Now that’s what I call frugal fare.

As I wasn’t feeling so well, I spent a lot of time sitting around this afternoon and I finished up my daughter’s scarf/cowl. I’m really pleased with it and hope she will be too. Here’s yours truly modelling it. Not bad for £3.50 plus a few hours of my time.

Don’t forget to change the clocks tonight. See you all tomorrow, minus the headache, hopefully.


  1. Hope you are feeling better Helen. Firstly your scarf looks amazing and would have cost so much more. What a fantastic present.

    Glad the sealed pot got a boost and you were treated by your DD.

    I might have to buy a slow cooker at this rate. I only eat fish and veggie stuff so I've never considered it but look at the wonders you produce.
    Your frugal curry looks delicious.

    Sft x

    1. Thank you for the comments on the scarf. I almost wish I was keeping it, but think DD will really like her Xmas gift. I do quite a few veggie meals in the slowcooker and most casserole type meals can be adapted by using less liquid. I'll post more as I make them. This week its been half term and DH has been home. I've been using stuff up from the freezer to save time and money so not much real cooking going on.