Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Just as expected

My weigh-in was just as bad as I expected...7 1/2 lbs gained in one week. Okay, I'll cut myself some slack. At least 3-4 lbs can likely be attributed to me wearing more and much heavier clothes this week. Instead of my thin, short-sleeved cotton blouse and summer cotton trousers I was wearing jeans, a t shirt and a long-sleeved linen shirt over it. I've been told jeans can weigh around 3 lbs or more so that might explain some of the gain. Ther rest was purely down to my piggishness. So, I have been better today. Not brilliant, but I haven't pigged out again and I'm hoping I've gained back some self control. But at the moment I'm caught in that vicious circle that has me depressed because I've gained and eating fit to bust because I'm depressed.

I had a healthy frugal lunch of jacket potato done in the microwave (from the 55lb sack I bought for £7.80 at our local farm shop), served with a little low fat soft cheese (Aldi 59p), 30g grated cheddar (bought in bulk and frozen in 250g bags) and a handful of cherry tomatos (£1 a bowl containing about 1lb of toms from the local market). I followed that up with a baked Bramley apple (free from a friend's orchard), a few sultanas and a drizzle of honey.

Instead of dinner tonight which was leftover chicken pie, chips and beans for DH and DS1, I had some oatcakes (Aldi 55p) and a little Wensleydale cheese (Aldi £1.49), followed by stewed rhubarb (free from a friend's garden) and a fat free vanilla yogurt (Morrison's pack of 4 for £1) So, I probably ate a bit too much cheese today, but much better than the biscuits and chocolate I've been scoffing all week.

I still want to eat for England, but I'm managing to restrain myself a bit better. Knitting a nice woolly hat for DH, for when the weather gets colder and he has to stand at the bus stop and wait for the bus which is nearly always late, has helped keep my hands busy. I'm hoping to get it finished tomorrow and then I'll post a picture.


  1. I am reading backwards through your posts. I too have the ability to eat for England and pile on weight as fast as lightening. The only reason that I am not as big as a bus is that I am very very active I also have a pair of black jeans that i put on every Friday morning. If they are tight I eat cereal and skimmed milk and fresh fruit for 2 days. I do this at least once a month. It is the only way for me.

  2. Thanks for your comment and the tip about how you keep a check on your weight. I'm getting back in control now, not quite back to the healthy eating, but not stuffing my face all day either. Hoping to do better for the rest of the week.

  3. Hi Helen

    Sorry to hear about the weigh in. But well done for the determination to do something about it. I love jacket potatoes-so good for you. And what a bargain you got for those potatoes. Lovely market and free produce too. We must go back to buying potatoes from farmers and trying out the markets.

    Good idea keeping those hands busy, I too graze too much, esp after a busy school day.

    Sft x

    1. I've not been too good again this week, but I'm getting to the point where I'm actually sick of eating so much sugary, fatty food which means I'll be back to all the healthy stuff in a day or so. Not soon enough for next week's weigh in but hopefully I'll show a good loss the following week.