Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Homemade Valentine's Day

We had intended using a restaurant gift voucher from DD3 and BF to go out for a meal for Valentine's Day. Then we thought we might be moving this week so decided to save it for when we were more settled. The move is off for the time being but as we hadn't booked for tonight I did a homemade meal. I cooked DH his favourite sausages from the local butcher along with fried onions and we had them in rolls. I made another of his faves, a trifle using store cupboard ingredients, except for the cream from Aldi. I also made a choc and vanilla marble cake so the boys would have something nice as neither of them like trifle but I haven't taken a pic of it. As well as the food, I made DH a card that I knocked up using what remains of my craft supplies while he was at church on Sunday

Nothing OTT or overly romantic, just a way of saying I love you by doing something a little special. We tell each other 'I love you' on a regular basis; it's just nice to make a little extra effort every now and then.

I'd gained 2 lbs at my weigh in this week, and I'm now 1 lb over my top weight allowance. This is only the 4th time since I reached target 2.5 years ago that I've gone over my target. I'm not worrying too much because I've always managed to lose the extra by the following week. I know it's happened because of the stress of the house sale and the cold weather combined means I've been comfort eating too much sweet stuff and too many carbs. I'm going to try and eat more fruit and veg this week and less stodge...starting tomorrow since I already ate a sausage in a roll, some trifle and a piece of cake this evening! 

I'll also be walking more with DH off for half term; we already did a 5 mile walk yesterday up to the National Trust site on the cliff top. It's a long time since we climbed up the hill to the top and I did need to stop and catch my breath a few times, but we made it and despite a chilly wind and a bit of mist it was lovely to see the Exmoor ponies they use to control the vegetation, and the view over the docks and across to the opposite cliff. Unfortunately it was too misty to see the French coast which is visible on a clear day. Here's a pic of the ponies, a couple of the views across Dover Eastern Docks and the harbour and one of a windswept DH.

There's a community information day up at the church tomorrow morning so we might take a walk up there and grab a coffee before going into town. We can't go far tomorrow as we have a viewing in the afternoon, a cash buyer or so we're told. Fingers crossed yet again.

Enjoy your evening. Love, Helen xx


  1. Happy Valentines to you n yours! I love a trifle. You can make a good for you one with low sugar jelly n low fat custard etc but WHEREIS THE FUN IN THAT?!! Fingers crossed for the viewing x

  2. Hi, Rachel. Belated Happy Valentine's to you too. I did use low sugar jelly and skimmed milk in the custard but I used regular sugar (never tastes the same with sweetner), and fat free sponges and strawberries in the jelly base. Of course the carton of cream on top with a little icing sugar added to it wasn't exactly healthy but I only had a small portion anyway. Far more calories in the cake and I had a couple of pieces of that. The viewers turned up but no feedback so far. Take care, love Helen xx

  3. I can fully commiserate with you about your house selling/buying, we too have been let down but hanging on in there, while living in 'box city' We were all set to move end of January, but the bottom of the chain dropped out!! grrrr But a new buyer came forward and so we are now waiting for him to go though the process of buying. Not a lot we can do but wait! Loved the trifle I didn't know you could get fat free sponges.