Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wonderful Whitby

As I said in my last post, I broke my phone on the first day of our holiday so there aren't many photos of our time in Whitby but I thought I'd bore treat you to a few of the ones we did manage to take.

We stayed in a typical Shearings hotel (a bit shabby, food passable, staff absolutely wonderful) up on the cliff across the bay from the abbey ruins, and had a truly amazing view. 

We climbed the hundred plus steps up to the abbey, had trips out to a rural life museum, the lovely town of Helmsley and to Eden Camp, a former prisoner of war camp that is now an excellent museum. DH has a tank and armoured vehicle fetish and I'm fascinated by the wartime home front so we both found it fascinating despite the rain. We also had a steam train ride to Pickering, another of DH's dreams, although the train was packed full which spoiled the experience a little.

Whitby Abbey (featured in Bram Stoker's Dracula)

Our hotel (the long white building at the top of the picture), viewed from the abbey ruins on the opposite cliff across the harbour

DH in the churchyard by the abbey
My best Dracula impression

Smiling despite the drizzle

DH posing in front of our new transport (he wishes) at Eden Camp Museum
Just a little snack in Helmsley

We had a few showers, but mostly the weather was okay, and its definitely a place I would happily visit again and again. Just the coach trips over the heather-clad moors were incredible, that sense of space and the ruggedness of it. Not so sure I'd like it so much mid winter (not a great snow-lover) although we were up that way in February a couple of years ago and it did snow a little and we still loved it. 

We've had thunderstorms and driving rain here again today. Fortunately the weather was dry when I went to the docs this morning. I've been having trouble with my left hip for about a year. It's steadily grown worse and is now starting to limit the amount of walking I can do so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get it looked at. I was seen on time at the docs, sent up the hospital (a 15 minute walk) for an x-ray and seen there within 15 minutes of arriving. So, within less than an hour I'd seen the doc and had my x-ray I just have to be patient and wait the 7-10 days for the results. The doc thinks arthritis which is what I'd already thought. Let's hope it can be helped with medication and/or physio rather than an op. I'll keep you posted.

Hope all is well with you all...oh, and last bit of news, DH is registering with a supply agency tomorrow morning and has an interview for a long-term supply position at a local school in the afternoon. Fingers crossed for him please. 

All the best everyone, love Helen xx


  1. Hi Helen, I've just spent the last week or so reading your blog from the beginning. I love the stories about all your children and the amazing frugal dishes you make. Hope DH's interview goes well. Look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

  2. Thank you, Janice, glad you enjoy it. Love, Helen xx