Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Prodigal Son Returns

My baby boy is back home. 

We loaded him and most of his belongings into the car this afternoon, and DH is driving him back over to the flat early tomorrow morning to collect the rest. He's also taking DS1 over at the same time to catch a coach to a comic book/anime convention in London, and will likely be back out again to pick him up early tomorrow evening. Talk about Dad's taxi service! We never had a car when the kids were younger (DH only passed his test just over 2 years ago and I've never learned to drive) and we managed perfectly well with public transport, despite having 5 children, but since we've had the car it seems to have become indispensible.

We spent a couple of hours in Canterbury before picking DS2 up, nipping in and out of shops dodging the rain rather than the walk by the river we'd intended. I was going to take some pictures but it was too wet and miserable to be lingering outside. I'd made myself comfortable in a chair in Waterstones with a book when DD1 rang on my mobile, so I had a little chat with her. Her flat sale and house buying is still not complete but she's now hoping all will go through within the next month.

Dinner tonight was a beef stew left to cook in the slow cooker while we were out. I made dumplings too and it was lovely comfort food on a wet and windy day. Of course, at 7.30 in the evening it's now blue skies and sunshine! I do hope the weather's better on Tuesday because there's no way I'll be getting on that ferry if it's anything like today. I don't get seasick; I just hate being on rough seas.

Nothing else to tell tonight. I think an early bedtime might be in order after the busy week I've had. I hope the weather's been better where you are.


  1. The weather's been awful here . Early night here too, the rain was so loud last night it kept me awake. Fingers crossed for nice weather on Tuesday x

  2. We did have some sunshine, but also heavy downpours during the day. Enjoy your French trip!