Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Change of Plans

We didn't get to Calais after all. The weather's been horrible here all day and was set to be the same across the Channel so we decided against it. It was a shame but at least we didn't waste much money as our fares were only £3 each. 

Instead I stayed for my slimming club (1lb on this week thanks to the bread pudding) and then DH braved the rain to meet me in town. We went for a coffee before treating ourselves to a pick and mix salad box from Morrisons for our lunch.

This afternoon has been spent trying to sort out our internet connection with Sky. We only swapped to them 2 weeks ago and the last couple of days we've had all kinds of trouble. TV and phone have been fine, but internet is more important for us and at the moment it's pretty unreliable so we're not best pleased. I must say all the staff we've talked to have been wonderful, polite and helpful, but we've probably wasted 3 hours in total with 6 phones calls since yesterday, and them trying to talk us through resetting it all and some woman in the tech department even had DH unscrewing the phone connector from the wall this afternoon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed all is sorted now, but not counting on it. It makes me anxious to try and go online each time in case it doesn't work and we have to phone up yet again.

DH has a meeting tomorrow with his partner about the educational software business they're setting up. They generally meet in the Toby Inn across the road from the Westwood Cross shopping centre near Margate. I might have a drive out there with him, stay for breakfast (all you can eat for £3.99) and then have a wander around the shops (all under cover) while they natter on about the business. Hopefully the weather is set to improve towards the end of the week as we were hoping to drive to Tenterden and maybe even on to Hastings for the day.

That's the current plan, but all could change depending on the weather.


  1. Sorry to hear you didn't get to Calais but I can understand your reason. We've had rain all day here with even more forecast for tomorrow! Yuk!

  2. Shame you missed out on your France trip, but hope you can do it another day.
    If you get a chance to go to Hastings, that would be nice. It`s a lovely old fashioned place. Hope the weather holds out for this coming weekend as I`m intending to catch up on gardening that I had to put off due to my silly slipped disc.

  3. I sympathise with you about your internet connection. We have another server but a couple of months ago we couldn't get online. Numerous phone calls later - being transferred again and again, I finally got a technician - who had very poor English.

    Eventually after she got me to go through numerous procedures (punctuated by me saying " pardon, can you repeat that please"). She finally told me the password had been changed - who by? This involved another hour on the phone to her whilst together we reset everything, by which time she started getting cross as she thought I was proceeding too slowly.

    Ultimately it was sorted but I was sorely tempted to report her - but couldn't face going through all the inevitable phone calls again!