Friday, 23 October 2015

New Soup Maker

Here is my lovely new red and silver soup maker. 

The blender function on my beloved jug soup maker packed up last week. It still cooks but won't blend to make the smooth soup I prefer. I have tried transferring the cooked soup to my smoothie maker and it does blend it nicely, but it's messy and inconvenient, and harder to clean than a soup maker. I eat soup most days and make 2-3 lots a week so I've been on the look out for an affordable replacement. Full price they can be anything from £50 -£80 and DD2 bought me my original one for Mother's Day, a refurbished model from Ebay. I could have bought another refurb for about £40 on Ebay but I preferred to have a new one with a full guarentee. Fortunately for me, I popped into the Co-Op yesterday and they had a lovely red one for £39.99. It was the last red one on the shelf and next to it was the more common black one at £20 more expensive. I am extremely pleased with my brand new soup maker, the blender function works perfectly and I have already made a veg and lentil soup for today's lunch. In addition, by registering it on the Morphy Richards website the 1 year guarentee has been extended to 2 years. 

More good news. DD2 went for an interview at a hospital yesterday and has been given a job in the patient experience department. It's a similar post to the one she held at Canterbury hospital but is full time and on a higher pay scale. Not bad going since they've only been in the area for 2 weeks and this was her very first interview. DD3 also has a new job closer to home, saving her money on travel and away from the strained atmosphere at her previous post. Now if DS2 could just find work...He's been awarded his degree in Commercial Music but so far can't even find retail work. 

My cold is still making me feel grotty but I'm hoping it will have cleared up by Monday so we can go and visit DD2. I don't want to take my germs down to them when they're both new to their jobs.

Right, I'm off to sample some of that soup before taking it easy this afternoon catching up on recorded episodes of A Place  in the Sun and dreaming of warmer climates.


  1. What are you calling your soup maker? Suzy would be my choice lol !!
    Fab Friday for you all round!

  2. Suzy is a good name, though I could call it Sally after my younger sister.

  3. I have never heard of a soup maker before. I must google it.