Monday, 14 July 2014

Manky Carrot Pie and Yellow Stickers

This should have been posted  a couple of days ago but our internet has been extremely flaky over the weekend, cutting out for a few minutes here and there and for longer periods too.

I am definitely not happy with Sky broadband; we've had nothing but problems since we moved over to them about 2 months ago. The TV service is fine, although when the internet connection goes down we also can't access the 'on demand' service. Although Virgin's cable service was more expensive we rarely had problems with our internet connection and when there was an issue they'd sort it out quickly, but with Sky being satelite they like to blame atmospheric conditions etc. Also, because it shows at their end that our signal is fine they won't send anyone out to investigate why it keeps going down at our end. Whatever happened to the 'customer is always right'? Do they think DH and I get our kicks being on the phone for 40 minutes at a time while they go through the same old spiel time and time again? Is that why they won't take our word for it? And if the problems are due to weather conditions will we have internet at all during the winter? One thing's for sure, they will not be getting our business when this year's contract expires. We will probably go back to Virgin just for the internet and either get Freeview TV or do without TV completely and watch programmes through our laptops. If things get too bad during the winter we might even go to another company anyway and just have to continue paying Sky as well until the contract expires. This is a case of cheaper definitely not being better.

Anyway, following that rant here's the point of this post. 

Would you throw away this carrot? 

Many people would, but just look at it once it's been peeled? 

Not a mark on the inside of it. 

I had a few carrots like this that had gone a bit manky and just by chance I got an email from Penny's Recipes for Carrot and Onion Pie ( 

This is my version of this extremely frugal pie. Being lazy I couldn't be bothered grating the carrots and onions so I whizzed them up in my food processor and also mixed the pastry in it too.

I'm avoiding eating pastry so didn't try it but it was pronounced delicious by my 3 men and cost me virtually nothing to make.

As I'm striving hard to get the last few lbs off to reach my target weight I'm snacking on a lot of fruit at the moment so I'm always on the lookout for yellow stickers. Over the past week I've bought a lot of reduced price melon (including a huge chunk of watermelon for just 9p) and I got these in Asda a couple of days ago:-

The apricots weren't reduced but were only 67p on special offer, and I love the doughnut much easier to eat and a smaller stone than the regular kind. In the top picture there are also some Cornish crystal new potatoes reduced to 61p.
As DH has eaten out at a leaving do at college today and I generally stick to soup the day before my weigh-in, I'm doing the boys frozen faggots, chips and peas tonight for dinner. 

I'm trying to feed us from the freezer and cupboards again this week and spend as little as possible on extras. It shouldn't be hard as I have loads of stuff in. Today I've spent just over £1 and that was for paracetamol and micropore tape for the medicine cupboard.

Now, let's see if the internet will play ball and let me post this.

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