Thursday, 24 April 2014

Another Crafty Post - Card Making

Thankfully I'm feeling a bit better today. Certainly my back isn't nearly as uncomfortable, and I managed to get a reasonably good night's sleep, only woken a couple of times by hot flushes. I did wake up feeling a bit snotty and thought I had a proper cold coming on, but that's all cleared up as the morning's progressed and I'm now left with just a slightly sore and tickly throat.

Making the most of my back being okay, I got on early with making the cards for DD2. I have some great crafting cd roms and often use them for either the main image, backing papers, inserts or a combination. Both these cards were made from this cd which is actually for making squeezy (concertina) cards but I just cut out the images and layer them up and then add my own personal touches. 

                                      (image courtesy of:-

I used another cd rom I've had for ages for the wedding card's backing paper and insert.

These are what I made.


It's not so easy to see the layers on the wedding card as the image is smaller and there were only 4 of them, but hopefully you can see some of the 6 layers on the A4 sized retirement card. Hopefully DD2 will like them. She's usually very good at offering to pay when I make anything for her to give to friends, but usually I just get her to treat me out for coffee instead. This time I will ask for a bit of money as I had to use a total of 7 pages of  semi-gloss photo paper and order another pack as I've nearly run out, and I've had to go and buy white A4 envelopes.

Just for fun, as I've transferred the pictures from my phone to my laptop, here's a couple of pictures of my blue British Shorthair, Shadow, soaking up some sun a couple of days ago. DH reckons he's coming back as a cat the next time around since all they do is eat and sleep and that's his idea of heaven.

As usual on a Thursday night we're having a junk food dinner, but I'm not spending a fortune on a take away. We're having hot dogs, oven chips and baked beans. The hot dog rolls, sausages and chips are from the freezer and the beans are from my kitchen shelf. Cumberland sausages are £1.09 for 8 from Aldi. The rolls were 6 for 72p or 2 packs for £1 from Morrisons (so 50p per pack). The chips are Aldi's crinkle cut oven chips and, I think, were 1.8kg for £1. The beans are also Aldi's at 24p a can. So, breakdown of the meal is £1.09 for the sausages (the guys will have 3 each in rolls, and I'll have 2 without rolls), 6 rolls for 50p, third of a bag of chips for 33p and 2 tins of beans for 48p. There will also be a squirt or two of brown or tomato sauce, some salt and some vinegar used so add another 6p at most for those. Total cost for 3 is £2.46 or 82p each. 

The weather is dry here today after a wet night, and warm enough for me to wear my open sandals and no coat when I went to the shops earlier. Hope it's dry and warm where you are. Love, Helen x


  1. Lovely cards!
    It`s been warm here, too. We had little Alyssa with us, had a walk around the garden and been to the park, to let her play on the swings. No coats needed today. Just a pleasantly warm breeze blowing made this a great day for us.

  2. Lovely cards. We've had a gorgeous day here too x

  3. Your cards are gorgeous !
    Its been a beautiful day here in shropshire :-) and i had the afternoon off work to enjoy as well, i spent it gardening :-) heaven!
    Great to see you back Helen!
    Kay xx